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Fun Pics


My dog's not spoiled...I'm just well trained!- Anonymous.


Kayaking at the Outer Banks, NC


 DBF Russell Terriers

Family beach vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Sept.

Our little dogs joined in on the kayaking, sunbathing, and swimming

A cow inspecting the Jacks---she doesn't see the camouflaged cat in the foreground. Do you?




Our grandniece, Kaitlyn, helping as puppy socializer




Exploring Dog Branch Creek

Pistol and Lola as puppies--Pistol is 1 week older.


Josie thought she was just one of the cats when she first came to our farm

as the only dog




We like the heated floor

Chevy takes his turn in babysitting the puppies


Italian Greyhounds have a short haircoat and no body fat and so they get cold easily

and snuggle with whomever is close by!

Lamborghini Miura, aka, Mia


 DBF Russell Terriers



Pistol and a very young Mia


Why do cats like "stinky" shoes?


Pistol and Lola at 10 weeks old



Mia is always so proud to serve as step-mommy for new puppy arrivals!


 DBF Russell Terriers


Caught red-pawed!



Playful Mia


Happy Halloween: Lola, the Dragon and Pistol, the Escaped Inmate


Out like a light for the drive home after the week-long beach vacation


Mia fell asleep with her head propped on the lunch table at the dog show




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