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Candace Lundin, DVM, MS

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Fox Fire's Josie

Birthdate: Sept 28, 2004

8", 10 lb, Chestnut-Brown/White Smooth Coat Female


Josie's Photo Album

Josie was too tiny to make it up one step when she first arrived at

Dog Branch Farm

3 months old


"Look how fast I am!"

Sheba, our Bombay cat, served as Josie’s adopted mother when Josie arrived at our farm at 11 wks old. Though Josie outgrew their shared bed, she began to sleep on the rim of the “donut bed” to stay close with her “feline step-mommy”.




Josie paid her dues for being cared for by Sheba as a youngster herself and adopted an orphan kitten to raise.

Ready to “pop”! Josie pictured just a few days before delivery of 4 pups



“Ahhh-nothing like a snooze in the sun on the beach”


After a roll in the sand


Josie practiced her mothering with Spartacus when he was a tiny kitten

“Look what I can do”


Josie frequently nudges Spartacus to get her face

cleaned by his rough tongue

Josie loves the little Shetland Pony named Jewell,

and frequently runs to the fence to ask for kisses from the pinto pony


Josie and Chevy


Some of Josie's Past Pups



Our Other Females

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