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"Henry" (formerly "Scarecrow") is happy with the Agner family
"Cliff", to be named "Gunnar" by the Butterfield family

The Apted family adopted "Allen"
"Lion" joined the Cassell family

"Carly" got a wonderful home with the Danko family
The Abernathy's took home their 2nd ("Wilma") and 4th ("Ducky") Shorty Jacks from Dog Branch Farm.

"TinMan" is now a Pavone


The Wasmer family took home "Berta" and "Larry"
(to be named Josie and Larry)

Nina is taking "Jake" home to surprise Walter
"Charlie" will be a member of the Simmons family

Tony (to be named Dempsey) is Terry's new buddy
Penelope & Karen

Wilma and Tony went home with the Mosbacher family
Jill and Kya were thrilled with Edward and Ziva
 (to be named Brody and Emma)

"Hotch" aka "Oakley" is home with the Van Wert family
"Dharma" joined the Harrison family

"Muffin" went home with the Bryant family
The Carter family chose "Abby" for their new family member

The Carters adopted "Emily" who will be named "Cricket"
Courtney gets her puppy, "Shaggy" to be named "Riley"

"Spencer" is now part of the Propheter family
"Fred" now named "Chaps" went home with the Redmond family

"Velma" (now named Annie) is a member of the Taylor family
"Tabitha" (to be named Shiloh) will join her half brother
"Chase" in the Eisenhard family

"Darrin" now called "Rolo" is part of the Smalley family
 in the West Indies
"Samantha" now "Jasmine" will be a breeder/pet for Spotswood Jacks

"Gabrielle" with Susan and Marc
"Bree" (left) found a new home with Caroline

M. Vann is happy to be taking home "Ed"
"Superman" has a new home with the Murphy's

"Trixie" meets the youngest member of her new family, the Jones'
The Sutton's chose Hunt Terrier "Susan" to join their family

"Lacey" (to be named Winnie) introduces her parents (Carly & Gov)
to her new family with Jessica
"BatMan" aka "Angus" went home with the Craig family

"Mosby" is with the Egenes family
"Kelly" to be named "Daisy" was adopted by the Snyder family

"Bud" to be named "Finn" is now part of the Sullenger family
"Al" to be named "Ozzie" went home with the Kimes family

"Fallon" is going to live with my nephews
"Peg" went home with the Hanssen family

"Dollie" has a new home with the Huckins family
The Terry family gave "Lexus" a new home

Justine & family were thrilled with "Christina",
who will be called "Maci"
"Reba" went home with M. Wood

The Spiri family chose "Lexie"
"Mirage" went home with the Williams family

"Meredith" went home with the Power family
"Colbie Jo" & Michelle

The Yermakov family chose "McDreamy"
"Hero" has a new best friend named Kevin

The Haw family with "Boone MacIntosh" (aka "Peter")
The Clarks with "Maxwell" (aka "Butch") and "Scooter"

The Hosaflook family named "Tito" "Jack"
"Happy" is going to assist "Jake" adjust to his blindness
The Long Family

Damon got his first dog in "Doc" (to be named Bodie)
"Germaine" went home with the O'Connors

"Cyndi" (now "Zoey") lives in Calif with the Peelmans
"Marlon" went home with Lynn & her family

"Marsha" went home with the Black family
The Bailin girls adopted "Jessie" and "Meathead"
(now named "Bella" & "Willy")

B. Eisenhard has a new friend in "Greg"
"Woody" will be helping out A. McCullough at her office

"Oliver" (formerly 'Sawyer") is home with the Baldino family
"Jan" went home to the Roher family


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