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Puppies/Dogs with their New Families



Radish is now a Humphrey family member
Robbie and Regina joined the Gwaltney family

The Crawford family chose Aphrodites (renamed Lady)
Chrissy joined the Kurtz family

Juliet joined the McAdams family
Fanta and Athena are now McHugh family members

Jack is now a Wadley family member
Sprite joined the Albrecht family

Cupid is now a member of the Smith family
Calypso is part of the Hawes family

Paul went home with the Aracri family
The Detrie family chose Candy

Marlon joined the Berry family
Peter joined the Coale family

Rose is loved by the Learned family
Wilbur joined the Glaze family

Angelina joined the Carpenter family
Amelia joined the Marsh family

Tito joined the Hennessey family
Spice found her forever home with the Evans family

Porshe (now Meggie) on the right is with the Magnuson family
Major Will Robinson joined the Anderson family

Mama Cass joined the Haw family
Jose joined the Connor family

Blossom, renamed Addi, joined the Weaver family
Stymie, renamed Levi and Tess, renamed Lily, joined the Obenchain family

Bart joined the Albertson family

Tootsie was retired and adopted by the Blank family
who already had DBF Booker
Porky joined the Baylor-Bauer family

Blake is now part of the Jackson family
Buckwheat joined the Harvey family

Maggie joined the Lasley-Reynolds family
Marge went home with the Kollman's

Froggy joins the Wagner family with Yardley
Mary adored Alexis from the time she was 4 wks old

Matt joined the Frostick-Miller family
Ellen joined the Gruner family

"Dr. Oz" joined the Graham family
The Borthwick's took home 'Dr. Drew' and named him 'Brodie'

"Peeta" is now an Orloski family member
"Oprah" now named 'Penne' and "Dr. Lisa" now named 'Ziti' joined the Finkleman family

"Donny" will be part of the Lerner family
The Burrell family has a new girl they will call "Lydia"

The Kuykendall family added Merrill (aka Alvin)
and Maple to their family
"Willow" will be part of the Hurdle family

"Alan" and "Marie" joined the Bowser family
"Oak" to be renamed "Buster" will live nearby with the Blankenship family

"Zeus" joined the Paradise family
The Fleck family chose "Jay"

"Ivy" joined the Bercasio family
"Kona" is now a Heffner

"Wayne" is now a Smith
The Buckley family is thrilled with "Guernsey"

The Torano family is excited about "Uhura"
"Angus" left with the Chatham family

"Scout" and "Atticus" are now part of the Schiavo family
"Hodgekins" will be touring the country in an 18-wheeler with his new owner (Owens family)

James (right) will soon fly to live with the Tiller's daughter.
On the left is pup sired by Pistol.
"Spock" joined the Fitzgerald family

Jem joined the Maldonado family
Ally (formerly Pia) joined Baxter (formerly TinMan) with the Pavone family

Tara found a home with the Triplett family
Helen (now named Chanel) is happy with the Thompson family

JayZ (to be named Sparky) joined the Arbogast family
Ellen in Grenada, West Indies,  adopted "Barbie" (now named Carib) to join the other two JRTs that she
got from Dog Branch Farm

"Charlene" joined the Selzler family
Reba joined the Kirch family

The van Thelen's took home Barbra Jean and Van
The Kimes now have 4 DBF Russell Terriers (the 3 pictured here are Jake (aka Marley), Reuben (aka Weasley), and Skipper (still to be named).

"Beyonce" joined the Ferrel family
The Crosby family added "Brock" to the group.

Keith went home with the Mortellaro family
Elwood joined the Donovan family

Ally took home Pendell (to be named Lucy) and Laurie
Afton, to be named Chilly boy went home with the Kass family

"Guiness" is joining the Canada family
"Reuben" joins another DBF dog (left, Moxie/Noah) and Khloe in the Kimes family

"Hamish" went home with the Keatts
The Crosby family adopted Pia

"Tara" is a new member of the Faggart family
"Prince Charming", renamed "Bandit"
joined the Gayner family


"Bell" (left) to be named Bella and "Charles" (right) to be named Prince are joining the King family
"Pistachio" is going home to Sharon's mother

"Butler" has a favorite spot in the car with the Rode family
"Oleo", now called Elly May (right) has a wonderful new family with the Rounsevell's on the Monterey Bay Coast of Calif.

"Fleischmann" joined the Hutchison family
"Walnut", to be named "Ripley" will join "Kona"
in the Mueller family

"Ralphie" flew home with Dolores to Phoenix
The Young's welcomed "Prissy" and "Fonzie" into their family

The Bohannon family took home "George" and "Rose"
"Crystal" joins "Rolo" with the Smalley family in Grenada

The Holland family chose "Onslow"
"Ringo" joined the Marks family

"Dauber" is going to be part of the Schramel family.
"Luther" joins another DBF Jack in the Shantz family

"Paul" is a new addition for the Shaffer family
The Mautner family chose "Granite" (right) as a companion for their shorty female pup

Rudy is going home with the Hass family
"John" and Dale will soon be best friends

"Louis" joined the Chaykin family
The Kaemmerer family took home Greg to be renamed Gus

"Roger" went to live with "Birdie" in the Bell family
"Tootsie" (formerly Dorothy) is in San Diego with the Williams family

Happy 16th Birthday to Emma who chose "Vanessa"
Katie holds Cooper (formerly Toto) who will join
Annie (formerly Velma) in the Taylor family

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