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Candace Lundin, DVM, MS

Frank Zureick, handler


Irish Pistol of Fox Fire

Birthdate: Sept 3, 2006

9.5", 10 lb, Tri-colored Smooth Coat Male



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Pistol's Photo Album

Pistol at 3 mos

Pistol at 2 mos


"Aren't I a ham?"

"I killed the monkey"


Hunting for crickets

“I claim this heat vent as mine this winter—it’s right by the kitchen!”



7 months old

1.5 years old


Pistol “protected” 8-wk-old Mia when she arrived at Dog Branch Farm

"Pistol" is determined to pull the 10" horse-sized Jolly Ball through the 8"x5" doggie door!

I'm the Man


"I need my Sherpa coat in this weather"


"Why is this Greyhound on my back?"

Pistol enjoyed being buried in the cool sand during a hot day at the beach



Example Puppies Sired by Pistol





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