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DBF Russell Terriers

DBF Russell Terriers

DBF Russell Terriers


        "...when we visited your place, I couldn't believe how low key your dogs were. I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with Rocket. I'm really glad we got him from you. I knew from the beginning that I wanted one of your puppies!"  Rodgers Family

"'Chance' is a totally awesome dog." Gibson Family

"She is a lovely, intelligent dog...star of her obediance class.: Yablonski Family

"I am so impressed with [Lola’s] ability to learn new commands and within such a short time.  My wife was the one member of the family that really was skeptical about getting a dog – at this point I can’t separate the two! She is a loving member of the family who is always cheerful and ready to pour out her heart when I come home from work. Bringing Lola into our life has brought the Craven family together in such a special way – we love and adore our DBF JRT." Craven Family

"She is the star of the class!  The youngest one there.  The instructors just love her!  She is so smart it is scary.  She knows her name, can sit, down, and touch her nose to hand on command.  We are working on the recall.  We are having a great time with her.  Of course my Norwich is not amused with her.  She gets in his face, which he hates, and chases him all over the place.  Poor guy, hopefully it will get better as she gets older, but she will rule the roost for sure!  She is becoming the quite the little socialite!  She has been into my husband's office for a visit, and into some of my friend's offices.  We have also visited some friends homes too.  The vet's office loved her!  The farmer's market is next on the list. She has been very good at night and sleeps in her crate next to the bed.  But she is up at 6 am!  And ready to play.  We can't imagine life without her." Lisette & Paul  

"I just wanted to update you on Shor Tee (aka Mary). She loves EVERYONE! And everyone that sees her is instantly smitten! She walks on a leash, knows how to bring toys back when thrown, kinda sits when asked, loves playing in the water bowl, and eats up a storm! She is trying to get Poquito (chihuahua) to love her and is even working on our 17 year old cat. Most of all, I want you to know that she is so loved! George thanks me just about every day for "his puppy". He can hardly wait for her to be able go to the beach!
Thank you again for working with me and being so patient!" Terri & George

 "Rudy came into our lives on May 6th and nothing has been the same.  He is the most wonderful dog we could possibly hope for.  Candace  kept me informed thru Lola's entire pregnancy and even sent pictures of Lola right before she gave birth.  Once the puppy was born, we saw him develop until we were finally able to get to Virginia to see him in person.  Dog Branch Farm is the perfect place to buy a puppy.  The farm is immaculate  all the dogs are so well behaved and Candace makes a point of helping you decide which is the best puppy for you.  It is evident that Candace puts a lot of consideration into her breeding program and the health and well being of puppies and adult dogs alike.  She goes above and beyond to make sure the puppies are the best jack russells  possible with dispositions that can't be beat.  Thank you again Candace for bringing Rudy into our lives." Arlene & John

"We absolutely LOVE her and she truly is the BEST puppy that we have EVER had! She continues to amaze us with her personality! What a DOLL!She is loved beyond measure.  Have a wonderful holiday season! " Terri

"It was a pleasure meeting you and Frank, just a brief note, Maggie is doing great. we took a chance the night we brought her home and put her in bed, she wrapped herself around Donna's neck and went to sleep, slept till 6.00 am with no accidents, she has been in bed ever since. She and Harley are great together, they play all the time, she is starting to ring the bell at the door when she needs to go out, she does real well for 8 weeks old but we also watch her all the time. she is very smart as you said but she is very loveable, we will send pictures and again thanks for the loving addition." Brubaker family

"What an awesome puppy I have!  Roxie is so smart, sweet, cuddly and ALL JACK!!!!  She is trained to her safe room and working on the crate.  She is so grown-up already. I am thrilled with her and I am getting used to having a puppy instead of a saged old girl.  I have to admit that the first week was almost too much for me.  Less than a week after losing Winkie was just a bit too soon for a puppy, but because of the magic of Roxie (and her fine breeding) she let me know that we would get through the week and all would be well.  She was right and I wouldn't take million for her!  I look forward to many years of good times with the Rox!  She soothes my aching heart and makes me laugh everyday. Thank you for your devotion to these most wonderful of dogs...The Shorty Jacks!!!!!" Twila

"I have to say this is the SWEETEST dog.  I thought that when we lost our previous Jack back in November no dog could fill the empty space.  OMG, if anything happens to this dog, someone will have to bury both Dan and I.  Each dog is special and JJ was unique in his own way, but this little dog…. 

CJ loves EVERYONE. Gives EVERYONE kisses.  I still have a trainer come to the house and he just catches on to things so quick. He loves going to the vet and seeing everyone there (that’s different).  In fact last Friday was his 3rd visit there and the vet told me to keep an eye on him so no one would steal him!  He weighed in at just a little over 8 lbs.  One of the girls there that weighed him the 2nd time and he had gained a pound, said to him 'You gained another pound of cuteness.'  He still sleeps in the bed with us.  He puts his head either on my pillow or Dan’s pillow and sleeps right in our face.  When his nose gets cold, he buries it in our neck or in the pillow. Everywhere we take him, people literally stop in their tracks and just stare at him with amazement."  Maggie


"Yeahhhh, she is a sweetheart! She walks by my side everywhere ... and she loves when I touch her belly and the way she lifts her little leg up for more. It is too funny!  I already LOVE HER!! My brother is in love with her as well. She is now sleeping in my room in a puppy bed with lots of blankets and has made herself comfy.  She is so cute.  I’m very happy!!  Thank you so much for this special puppy! I love her!!  Federica

"My dogs (Pointers) are so kind to her, she has gained her confidence and is interacting nicely with them...She is so funny, trying to follow them with her tiny little legs :-).  My husband thinks I have lost my mind but I went out and bought her a beautiful beige cashmere sweater...she looks gorgeous in it...probably won't need it much longer, but couldn't help myself...She also sleeps through the night and is doing great with her potty training. Thank you again for selling us such an adorable puppy. Maja

"I'm not sure what goes on at that farm down there but don't stop what you're doing. Mitch is so friendly and has such a good temperament. He's a little slice of heaven. Is he always going to be this quiet and want love all the time? lol Even the vet can't believe he's a Jack Russell." Christopher

"Thanks so much.  We are so enjoying her. She has SUCH a personality - insatiably curious, friendly and so smart about the potty training.  We love her to pieces." Jennifer & Corwin

"We spent a lovely weekend with Sallie (a.k.a. Meredith). We played and rested and got to know each other. She is a lovely dog...sweet and kind and very intelligent. We are so very delighted with her and cannot thank you enough for bringing her into the world so that she could become a part of our family."  Faith

"I had wanted to e-mail you around Thanksgiving because we always talk a lot in our family about the people we are thankful for in this past year.  Well, I'm just now getting to it. I'm so thankful I found you and our little Daisy.  She is the best puppy!!!!  We are enjoying her so much and lover her little personality.  I need to download some pictures and will send them to you.  She is just precious! Thank you for your philosophy in breeding and raising Jack Russells.  We love our Daisy and feel she is so great because of your beliefs and hard work. I still really enjoy visiting your website and want every puppy you have.  What a fun life at your house!!!  Thank you again and Best Wishes for the Holiday season! Santa will take good care of Daisy!" Rebecca and family

"Can't believe it has been almost a year since we brought Petey home. Petey has the most wonderful personality (like his mom!) and had added years of life to our 15-year-old Jack 'Chloe'. They love each other and Chloe acts 5 years younger now!"  Lopez family

"I thought this would be a nice time to write to let you know just how much [we] are enjoying “Riley” (Norm).  He is a wonderful addition to our family and provides us with endless hours of amusement and companionship.  He is a favourite among the neighbourhood children and dogs alike (perhaps a little less well liked by the squirrels who are often the subject of his security enforcement).  [We] have met way more people since we got Riley than we ever had before!  He is very smart and will do pretty much anything for a beef liver treat!  We are so happy with our decision to get a puppy from Dog Branch Farm." Salmon family

"We love our little Maggie. She went to Doggie school and people kept asking if we were sure she is a Jack because she is so well behaved." Terry & Donna

"Can't believe my good luck. Mosby is just wonderful. I have had many wonderful dogs--many different breeds--many rescues, and he has been the absolute easiest. The pool, the creek, the barn, the other dogs that visit here--nothing bothers him. He's loving and obedient, and everybody loves him." Jo


"We are thrilled thrilled thrilled about Riley!! He is everything we could have ever hoped for!  Thank you so much for helping us find the right puppy! He sleeps thru the night and pee pee and poops outside! He's already trained!  He is also sitting!  He's the perfect puppy!! We love Him so much!  ou are such a wonderful breeder and person and we are so lucky and happy to have met you!  We would love to stay in touch and visit! " Courtney & Benny

"Just a quick note to say thank you for Fred...now known as Macallan, but "Mac" for short.  He is sooo sweet, very laid back and submissive...great for Zoe!  It's so fun to watch them play together! And he is doing excellent with his housebreaking too.  What really surprised me was he already knew how to fetch a ball and bring it right back! And they love those pig ears!  I could go on and on really...but I just wanted to let you know he's doing great!  Thank you again!'' Sarah

"I just wanted to update you on our little guy.  Our vet says he is an excellent specimen and very well raised, shots in order etc.  He has adjusted quite well to his new family.  Our basset loves playing with him!  He is so sweet and no trouble at all, never misbehaving.  It IS true, you get what you pay for and he definitely was worth the price!  Thanks again," Felicia

"I happened to see Dave at a swim meet today for our daughters and we spoke about our dogs (Lola, Tait, and Roxy).  I cannot tell you how much we love Roxy and we are grateful to have her as part of our family each and every day.  She is a very, very special dog that has brought a lot of joy into our lives." Cindy

"Just wanted to let you know what a perfect little guy Gus is. Incredibly smart, he picks things up so quickly. He will start puppy class this week, but he already is basically crate trained, potties on command comes flying on recalls and so far doesn't leave my side. Although I know those teen puppy days are coming. He has shown no fear at all, loves everyone and everything. Loves the cats, the cats still haven't voted, but they are beginning to tolerate him and stay in the same room. Again, thank you so much for letting Gus join our family. Its like he was made for me". Jenny

"I arrived safely in my new home in Wickenburg late last night after an adventurous day of plane rides and a long car trip. I am told that I am "quite the trooper" and my new family say they love my personality. There is a lot to see and do at my home. I followed my new dad around the race shop last night as he unloaded his racetrucks. Boy are they loud, but I am not afraid. I even got to ride in the front seat of one! Apparently, I passed the test and  will no doubt become an official member of the race crew. I will even get to wear a black and white checkered flag bandana...official race team attire!  Met my big brother Falco who is a really big German Shepherd. He doesn't seem to do much, but he let me climb all over him while he played with some of my new toys.  There are two cats..they must be twins or something because they look the same. At first I thought I was seeing double, but no they are just identical ginger furballs! I am not too sure they really know what to make of me :) With time, I am sure I will win them over!After spending the night curled up in my new mom's arms I went for a tour of the my new back yard.  The pasture is great..a little bit of green in the middle of strange looking desert plants.  Lots of bunnies and quails.  Maybe one day I will get to chase them?  I helped feed the chickens..strange things I thought, but not as strange as the rooster who made so much noise I had to run and hide! Today, was my first "work"day.  I have my very own bed under my mom's office desk and even more toys! Thank you for sending me to my new home and don't worry about me because I think I am going to love living here!"
New 4-legged member of the McCarthy family

"We love Zoey so much she has become the focus of attention through out our family. Everyone that meets her instantly falls in love. She's completed beginning and intermediate obedience training and loves to perform. The trainer wants to enter her in rally because she's so cute and smart. Sandy is constantly watching your website, she loves all your babies. She keeps saying she wants a little male and call him Enzo. Any way we can't express all the happiness Zoey has brought into our lives.
Thank You Candace".
John & Sandy

"Daisy is growing up fast! She is becoming a seasoned sailor. I am happy to say that she doesn't have motion sickness either. She and Penny are a team, always together. Daisy has complete freedom of the house-no need to crate her anymore. Rarely a day goes by when Daisy doesn't have us in awe at how loving and smart she is.And photogenic- omg- I have yet to take a bad photo of the little girl. You did an excellent job- she is worth every penny :)." Karen

"Gabby is wonderful and a complete joy. She loves water. We put the winter cover on our pool and then rain water collected several inches deep and she ran through it."  Lynn

"We couldn't be happier with our choice. Like we said, he makes our house a home again and fills our hearts with love. =) Thanks again."  Jr. & Nina

"Abby, now called Junie, has been a delight for our family. She has been doing great work in puppy training and the trainer exclaims she is the greatest Jack she has ever met. She is great company for our old Jack, Waffles. She has just turned five months old and has grown so much this summer. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have her in our family. Grappa and Coach are a great lineage." Morrison family

"She is already used to her collar and walking on her leash!  We have been playing fetch - she knows to run to the ball and bring it back.  And I'm learning she loves to have her tummy rubbed.  I'm absolutely in love with her. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful little dog into my life!" Leslie


"It has been 2 months since bringing Rudy home to Irish Valley, and we are having a blast with her.  She is just a great, great dog, exactly as you claim your puppies to be on your website!!  Rudy is very intelligent, laid back, sweet natured, playful, eager to learn, very social with our other critters, especially our other JRs, Reilly and Spring.  She can be a little too much for old girl Reilly sometimes, but usually backs off with a gentle correction (sometimes not when she is exhibiting "selective hearing").  Rudy and Spring have become great friends, and spend part of each day wrestling/playing/growling/chewing on each other and/or chasing and racing thru our fenced back yard.  Rudy recently learned the joy of playing in the creek in the horse pasture, although she found the water a little cold.  She is growing like a weed, eating well, playing well, sleeping really well.  She is almost totally housebroken - the accidents I must claim as my fault when I don't catch her in time to take her out, although she is pretty good about using the piddle pads I continue to keep in the house for said accidents.  She is doing a very reliable sit and leave it on hand commands only, and is pretty good on a  hand command for "come".  She comes to a voice command probably 98% of the time (those darn cats that need to be chewed on interfere in a perfect performance).  She has been off leash around the farm since the 2nd day of her arrival here and generally acts as though she knows exactly what to do and where to go!!!  She is showing sense around the miniature horses, who have been known to play a little too rough with my sister's big dogs so I am very careful about her interaction with them.  She has learned the joy of fresh horse manure, and hoof trimmings (Rudy gets very upset when I clean them up immediately and she only gets a small taste. DuWayne and I are convinced that Rudy is growing into probably the best dog we've had so far, and we've had some great ones.  She loves to give kisses on our necks and ears during the night, sometimes to wake us up for a potty outside, but often just to say "Hi, love you..."  and go back to sleep.  We just absolutely love her and are so glad we found your website when puppy hunting. Again, thanks so much for what you do to breed exceptional Jack Russells. Each day we enjoy the product of your breeding and socializing program (thanks for the great start on the potty training, crate training, manners, etc...).  Rudy Joy Bean Haas is proof of your success."  Nancy & DuWayne


"Thought you might like to hear that she [Pepper] is doing so great and growing so fast.  Her ears have come into their own and are beautiful and she has a certain little elegance about her. David, the proud Pappa 8-), wanted to take her to the farm market in Leesburg today and then to the jewelry store there to show Mrs. [XXXX ]who breeds Jacks as well.  I've never seen the shop so crowded and busy.  Pepper was a huge hit with EVERYONE there and Mrs. [XXX] thought she was gorgeous!   This afternoon David wanted us to take the dogs for a walk to the winery. Pepper has really disliked being on the leash so I haven't pushed the issue.  But, this time I tried just using her collar instead of her harness.  She was trotting along full steam and having a grand old time so I guess she just hates the feeling of straps around her shoulders and chest.  She didn't pull on the collar anyway like Oliver and our Kairn, Tucker, did which is why we got into using harnesses with them in the first place.  She did really well without one.Today she seems to have taken a jump in maturity.  It's really amazing how fast that process happens.  She ran a squirrel up a huge tree this afternoon and had it up there chattering at her while she stood erect and did her little muffled bark that she does.  She's not so great with outside noises, though, especially at night. She's very tentative in the dark and all the strange sounds through the crisp quiet night air distract her and have her heading inside quick.  Of course, her favorite place to be at any time is in my arms where she always feels safe. Pepper is delightfully demure and gentle and bright.  She is quite special and we are absolutely in love with this little girl!  Many thanks."  Naomi









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